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Harvest Eye

Patented Technology to Drive your Returns.

HarvestEye is a patented technology that uses a 3D camera and machine learning to count and size your crop at the point of harvest. When mounted on your harvester, you will have full visibility of how crop performance varies throughout any given field.


See your insights

By capturing data and using the HarvestEye portal to analyse and compare results, HarvestEye adds value to all parts of the supply chain.

Key benefits:

Eliminate Variability and Optimise Yield

Even within a field, you will typically see high levels of variability. Historically, this information has been hard to gather. With HarvestEye you can have full visibility of your entire crop. The harvester mounted 3D camera captures information for every 5m x 5m segment of your field.

Maximise Returns and Avoid Waste

Typical methods of assessing the critical attributes of the crop are basic and flawed. HarvestEye step changes the granularity of detail available to growers and packers enabling them to plan both short and long term for a successful year, no matter what the realities of the crop are.

Agronomnic Insights Leading to Good Decisons

Knowing how variety performance and geographic location affects your crop allows you to have data driven decisions, enabling you to plan your business more effectively, maximising your returns.

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